The Wolverine: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Double Picture Disc LP [SL9​-​2010]

by Marco Beltrami



THE WOLVERINE Deluxe Double-LP Edition includes the original 22 tracks from the CD soundtrack album to the hit film by composer Marco Beltrami (Hellboy, Terminator 3) plus the bonus track “Yukiko” which had been previously released as a digital-only track.

American composer Marco Beltrami, although he had as yet had no direct connection with the series, was a relevant choice: he had previously worked with director James Mangold (on 3:10 to Yuma), and he had a long history in horror and related genres. Beltrami draws on the latter vocabulary in this moody score, which favors dark psychological tension over kinetic action scenes and often pushes
the dissonance content of cinematic orchestral music close to its limits. Beltrami cleverly runs counter to expectations in another way as well, acknowledging the film’s samurai themes with some Japanese flute passages and taiko drum sounds, but keeping them largely in the background. The music is mostly devoted to the states of mind of the mutant Wolverine. With the filmmakers backing an ambitious score for large orchestra by a composer who appears to be hitting his creative peak, this is a worthwhile pick for film music fans in general, as well as those brought to it by the brooding Wolverine himself.


released June 30, 2015

Double Picture Disc LP - Hot Topic Exclusive AVAILABLE